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Shinn x Cagalli Community

From Hatred to Love...

This is a community for fans of Shinn Asuka x Cagalli Yula Attha from Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed Destiny (GSD). As long as you like these two as individuals/friends/enemies/couple go ahead and join! If you don't like Shinn, Cagalli, or ShinnxCagalli, I think you should try to avoid this Community, easy nya~~?



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Well.... [December 04, 2012 @ 7:38pm]

[ mood | Hyper,Creative and Loving ShinnCaga-ness! ]

Here's my first completed ShinnXCagalli fic!
And it was completed just a few weeks before Christmas!
I'm hoping its enjoyed!^^


AN/Concepts are because of some language usage.

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Hello hello *waves* [August 30, 2012 @ 7:30pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Is there still any lovers of shinncaga still out there?0..0

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On a white ark [May 18, 2011 @ 12:55pm]

[ mood | exanimate ]

Hellloooo Seed Fans/Fandom

image courtesy Minitokyo.net

Back in 2005, shortly after the series ended, a Gundam SEED movie was announced.
For various reasons production halted around 2008. "Reasons" vary from staff illness to conspiracy theories.

There's yet to be an official announcement the movie project has disappeared, meaning there is still a slight possibility there'll be a SEED movie.

So..... as fellow/former fans,

Do you still want a SEED movie?
Don't Care

(edit: Fixed poll, sorry about that!)

Just for reference, the movie was to be:
・Story would be continuation of GSD tv series
・Directed by Fukuda Mitsuo, written by Morosawa Chiaki (same as tv series)
・Kira, Athrun, Shinn, Lacus, Cagalli, Stellar were to appear
I'm too lazy to list sources now..... leaving it up to you guys looking up on your own. this wiki article gives a good overview (*Japanese article)

x-posted : asu_meer, aushinn, crossed_destiny, shinn_love, shinncaga, shinnxstellar
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Shinncaga Pictures [December 28, 2009 @ 12:12pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Try this blog..

I found some Shinncaga pics on it

Try it!


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Greetings! [November 09, 2008 @ 5:20am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hello! How's everyone doing there?

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Gundam Seed RP [May 05, 2008 @ 8:27pm]


We finally have a Gundam Seed/Destiny RPG! Visit 

rpgundamseed for details. 


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Fanfic [March 19, 2008 @ 12:08am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Title: The Love of a Destiny's Child
Genre: Romance/Drama
Pairings: Shinn x Cagalli x Athrun
Chapter(s): One-shot
Rated: K+
Summary: What if the person you hated the most becomes the apple of your eyes? Months after the great war, Destiny Pilot Shinn Asuka is now working for ORB, with hidden feelings for Cagalli Yula Athha.

(Click here for Fanfic...)

I've recently joined this community. I'm an AsuCaga fan, but I also fell in love with ShinnCaga! I wished the series focused on Shinn and Cagalli too. They didn't even interact in the last episode and I was so looking forward to it. Oh well, at least the fandom is still here.

The fanfic is something I've written a long time ago. I'm planning to write more if I get inspired. I just love ShinnCaga!!!

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[December 12, 2007 @ 6:02pm]

My first ShinnCaga fic:

I hope you like it:

Let Slip
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An unexpectable meeting [December 07, 2007 @ 9:22pm]

[ mood | !! ]

Title: An unexpectable meeting

Claim: Shinn Asuka x Cagalli Yula Athha
Genres: angst/drama/romance
Pairings: Shinn x Cagalli
Rating: T
Summary: “I have finally found you” 

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Fanfic: Babe [December 05, 2007 @ 11:14pm]

[ mood | how is it?? ]

Title: Babe
Claim: Shinn Asuka x Cagalli Yula Athha
Genres: Romance/angst/drama
Pairings: Shinn x Cagalli
Rating: T
Summary: I don’t belong here for sure, I can feel it. But still… something’s calling me to come back.

Disclaimer: I don’t own Mobile Suit Gundam SEED/DESTINY or any of its characters



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Icons [December 02, 2007 @ 5:39pm]


Username: whitelilies22
Category: TV
Sub-category: Gundam SEED Destiny
Subject: Yula Attha, Cagalli & Asuka, Shinn
Image URL: http://i20.photobucket.com/albums/b215/keela102/shincaga-1.jpg
Set of rules used: #1

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newbie [October 28, 2007 @ 4:04pm]

 uhm, hi.

i'm  new here... in this community and to livejournal, as well..

i'm an avid fan of AsuCaga ( and I write fanfictions as well), but lately I started witing and loving ShinnCaga..

i'm really sorry for posting here such a useless post... whew... some guts i have. i hope you don't throw tomatoes at me. *prepares to dodge*
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XD [August 18, 2007 @ 2:40am]

see this.. very cute shinn cagalli

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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>. [August 18, 2007 @ 2:13am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

and i found this in a site o.O shinn caga artwork


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Shinn X Cagalli Artwork from meh =D [August 18, 2007 @ 2:07am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

hi i'm new here but i had been visting this page like a year non stop.. i'm one of the BIGGGESSSTT fan of shinn x cagalli XD

so um i like to share one of my artwork.. not the best yeah but i tried.. i dont know wether cagalli look like stellar >.>

well here is it..

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Sharing~ [February 19, 2007 @ 11:18pm]


Teasers ::

Contents ::
D.Gray-man [x19]
Death Note [x19]
Gundam Seed Destiny [x9]
Kingdom Hearts [x2]
Naruto [x12]
Ouran High School Host Club [x9]
Saiyuki [x9]
Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle [x5]

( Does this look fake? )

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SPECIAL EDITION [January 14, 2007 @ 6:40pm]

[ mood | sick ]

(I was going to wait till my torrent finishes, but it's stuck at 36 days :P)

Gundam Seed Destiny Special Edition IV was released last week. This is the last one!
"Special Edition"s are OAVs, which are recaps of the tv series with re-done animation, voice recording, and some redrawn and added scenes. I posted screenshots of SE I a while back.

I tried looking up all the torrent files I could. Hope this works:

Special Edition I [G-Distro]
Special Edition I (part 1) [G-Distro]
Special Edition I (part 2) [G-Distro]
Special Edition II [N/A] (not sure whether this is subbed)
Special Edition III [Saiyaman]
Special Edition III [G-Distro]
Special Edition IV [Saiyaman]
Special Edition IV [N/A]

Special Edition I [Mendoi Fansubs]
Special Edition ! [Q-R] (not sure whether this is subbed)
Special Edition I [Zeonic Corps}
Special Edition II [Zeonic Corps]
Special Edition II [Q-R] (not sure whether this is subbed)
Special Edition III [Zeonic Corps]
Special Edition III [Q-R] (not sure whether this is subbed)
Special Edition III [Q-R] (not sure whether this is subbed)
(IV hasn't been subbed yet (that I could find))

Zeonic Corps
Mendoi Fansubs
danomac.org tracker (list of torrents)(G-Distro, Q-H)

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HAPPY HOLIDAYS! [December 28, 2006 @ 5:36am]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Even if you're not on break, hope everyone is safe and well! :3

(crap, I just realized I messed up resizing (xx;))

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Fanlisting? [December 23, 2006 @ 3:07am]

Is there a Cagalli/Shinn fanlisting out there somewhere? All I've managed to find were ones kiracaga, lacuscaga, asucaga, and asukiracaga...
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[September 21, 2006 @ 7:56pm]

[ mood | curious ]

Just curious...

Big image behind cutCollapse )

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