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On a white ark

Hellloooo Seed Fans/Fandom

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Back in 2005, shortly after the series ended, a Gundam SEED movie was announced.
For various reasons production halted around 2008. "Reasons" vary from staff illness to conspiracy theories.

There's yet to be an official announcement the movie project has disappeared, meaning there is still a slight possibility there'll be a SEED movie.

So..... as fellow/former fans,

Do you still want a SEED movie?
Don't Care

(edit: Fixed poll, sorry about that!)

Just for reference, the movie was to be:
・Story would be continuation of GSD tv series
・Directed by Fukuda Mitsuo, written by Morosawa Chiaki (same as tv series)
・Kira, Athrun, Shinn, Lacus, Cagalli, Stellar were to appear
I'm too lazy to list sources now..... leaving it up to you guys looking up on your own. this wiki article gives a good overview (*Japanese article)

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